$10 Million – And Then 20% of Your Profits

Up until now, one of the only ways for average individuals to access the research and insights from a supercomputer like this was by joining a quantitative Hedge Fund.

But as you probably know, most Hedge Funds cost an absolute fortune to join…

Hedge Fund managers are too busy throwing lavish parties and jet setting around the world to care about small investors.

In fact, entrance into some top quantitative trading funds requires as much as $10 million just to join some of its programs.

And after that, you’d have to pay them 20% of your profits!

Keep in mind: Hedge Funds are successful for a reason. They hire brilliant people who do good work. But the problem is, all the money that they make goes right back to them.

For example, the founder of one of the top quantitative funds personally made $240 million in 2004… And $210 million in 2005.

He spent $60 million on a single painting by Paul Cezanne.

Frankly, I don’t believe that’s fair to his clients. And neither does Marc.

As Marc can tell you, he’s worked for Hedge Funds. He knows how they work and how much money they make. Many Hedge Funds would simply go broke if they weren’t milking so much money out of their clients.

Just consider: According to Barron’s, the average return for all hedge funds between 2007 and 2010 was a tiny 2.2% per year.

Is 2.2% per year really worth 20% of your profits?

No way! Especially when you could get all our research based on a very similar formulaic approach.

Some of the historical, yearly returns we’ve seen in back-testing were 15 to 30 times better than 2.2% per year.

In fact – to give you an idea what I’m talking about – Take a look at the #1 performing quantitative Hedge Fund from 2009 (A record year for the stock market):

The Medallion Fund, run by Manager Jim Simons, topped every other quantitative fund in the world. It produced a 38% return for clients.

Now look at the historical returns we saw in our ten-year back-test of S.T.A.R.S.:

For 2009, the average return was 82.09%
It had a 100% win rate.
Top gains went as high as 290%.

Keep in mind: These were all individual stock returns. There are no options plays included here.

Bottom line is this: Hedge Funds cost millions just to join, and millions more if you make any profits. But with our newest publication, you’ll have a chance to see even better gains, and gain valuable market insights, thanks to Marc’s incredible system-based strategy.

Having said all that, this research is not cheap. In fact… when we make The Oxford Systems Trader available to the general public it will be the most expensive service at The Oxford Club.

Remember, we’ve spent seven years working on this project.

The system we used was developed by the same computer genius whose programs are used at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In short… we’ve put more into this endeavor that any other project in the history of The Oxford Club.

To be quite frank, I don’t know if we could ever create a better research service.

Alexander Green, the Investment Director at The Oxford Club, had this to say about the system:

“When Marc showed me the results of his new quantitative system, I was, quite frankly, shocked. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been. The biggest obstacle to successful trading is human emotions: fear, greed, hope, ego, and pride. Marc’s formula eliminates all of these.”

Very soon, we will be making The Oxford Systems Trader available to the general public. When we do, the price for one full year will be $5,500.

I think it’s a steal.


Our tests showed that a $20,000 initial stake in the system’s signaled picks each year for ten years could have grown to $335,980…(See chart for a year-by year account of how this happened)

Of course, the historical success of our back-tested results cannot guarantee the same success in the future.. But clearly the potential here is staggering.

So you can see why we feel $5,500 is a reasonable price.

Marc has been the Editor behind numerous successful publications in recent times. And many of Marc’s subscribers have already made a ton of money just using Marc’s knowledge alone.

For example, Jim Holland, a dentist in Wisconsin, says:

“I bought 2000 shares of Mela at $6 and my profit as I’m writing this email is $4000 in about a month or less.”

A fellow named Kevin Richards, one of Marc’s subscribers, says:

“I bought 2000 shares at $5.28 per share (total cost $10,560) and just sold 1000 shares for $10,903 ($10.90 per share). Obviously, I am now “playing with house money.”

Or consider this from John DeSilva in Vermont, who followed a recent opportunity in Marc’s Accessservice:

“I sold my two-thirds of my position for a 141% gain. Your subscription cost has been paid many times with this one pick.”

As I’ve said, the full price for becoming a member of The Oxford Systems Trader will be $5,500 when we take it public.


Because we’re giving a few people access to this research for the first time ever – We’d like to offer a special one-time rate for charter members.

If you join during the early enrollment period… you’ll pay a charter price of just $995 for one full year’s subscription.

That’s $4,000 LESS than what others will pay.

And on top of that, for charter members only, we won’t ever charge a higher rate. No matter how long you decide to keep subscribing to The Oxford Systems Trader, you will never pay one cent more for the privilege.

But I should warn you, once this initial enrollment period is over, The Oxford Systems Trader will be available at the full $5,500 price.

You have only a short time left to join at the charter price before we close this offer… and make this research available to the general public.

However I’d like to make this very easy for you.

That’s why…

 Try The Oxford Systems Trader for 60 Days

When you join The Oxford Systems Trader – you’ll receive password-protected access to our website right away.

Feel free to review all the current recommendations. Follow Marc’s analysis. And familiarize yourself with the material.

Then, you should begin receiving alerts – approximately one per week – over the next couple days giving updates on recommended positions, sell alerts, etc.

Ironclad Oxford Club 60-Day Guarantee:

Try out The Oxford Systems Trader today and you’ll have 60days to try it out for yourself. If during that time it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll receive an immediate refund (less our customary 10% processing fee).

If S.T.A.R.S. has found a perfect match, Marc will send out an immediate alert giving you all the details.

However, if anything at all does not meet your expectations, for any reason whatsoever, simply call, write, or email us in the next 60 days, and we will send you a refund immediately. (Less our customary 10% processing fee.)

I urge you to join at the one-time-only charter rate and pay nearly 73% LESS than we’ll ask from future subscribers – before we close this offer.

Do so by clicking Join Now at the bottom of this page or by calling 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 and mention Priority Code: WOSAM804.

Thank you very much.


Jeff Yastine
August 2011

P.S. Remember, S.T.A.R.S. has several “close matches” that Marc could recommend at any moment. The only way to ensure you receive the next alert is to click Join Now at the bottom of this page.

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