As a member of The Oxford Systems Trader, you will be one of the few individuals able to access this super-computing system’s unique market insights.

Furthermore, you get an impressive range of privileges designed to maximize your profits:

  • Weekly Alerts: Any time S.T.A.R.S. identities a prefect match, I will send out an immediate alert informing you of the company, stock symbol, and purchase instructions.
  • Passcode Encrypted Online Access: As a member, you’ll have access to The Oxford Systems Trader website. All new recommendations will be posted there immediately. You can also use the site to track the progress of other stocks and get updates on each position.
  • Profit Protection Strategies: With each recommendation, I will include instructions on how to take profits, employ stop losses, and exit strategies for when the stock is no longer considered a “Buy.”
  • A Proprietary System-Based Approach: A strategy based on the insights of a powerful piece of technology – and my research as a highly experienced market analyst.

Up until now, one of the only ways for average individuals to access the research and insights from a supercomputer like this was by joining a quantitative Hedge Fund.

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