Dear Reader,

Marc Lichtenfeld here.

Over the last five years at The Oxford Club, I’ve perfected an investing algorithm.

It gives me an advantage that may sound “impossible” at first…

Put simply, it’s a computing algorithm that pinpoints the day and time when a meandering stock will suddenly hit what I call “Escape Velocity”…

Launching it to rocket completely clear of its chart’s upper limit.

Back-tested on the unique data sets you’ll discover I have access to, it’s pinpointed 163 stock trades with gains over 100%…

PLUS, 32 trades with gains higher than 200%… including 363%… 1,036%… even 1,502%.

ALL identified with 100% precision.

Take a look at this chart of Alliance Fiber Optic Products…

It’s a $300 million high-tech infrastructure firm based in Silicon Valley.

As you can see… for a long time, nothing was happening.

The chart is nearly flat.

During this period, investors may have worried if this stock would ever break out of its range…

You could have spent hours or even days fretting over the technicals… or being undecided on what Wall Street “analysts” were saying about the stock.

But here’s the “impossible” part of this algorithm…

You needed to know only one thing.


I’ll explain in some detail in just a moment.

But first, let’s look at the chart again…

Focus in on August 27, when after running my algorithm, I would’ve pinpointed the moment the stock would hit Escape Velocity.

See what happened immediately afterward?

It soon rocketed 1,036%.

So how did my algorithm… with 100% precision… “know” this stock would be about to reach Escape Velocity?

And long before the front page of Fortune ranked this company as one of the “100 fastest-growing” in America?

It all comes down to this one thing that sparked this liftoff

Understand that when the liftoff begins, it forever changes the trajectory of the stock.

Here’s another example…

Back in May, my algorithm would have alerted me that the next stock to hit Escape Velocity would be Casey’s General Stores Inc.

It runs a chain of general stores and gas stations now popular in the Midwest.

Here’s its chart…

As you can see, the stock was sitting by the side of the launch pad.

It traded in a limited range for 96 previous quarters.

Investors didn’t know what to do next… deliberating the pros and cons of company reports and press releases…

They had the same question every investor has on their mind…

Should I buy or should I sell?

The answer came on May 3…

That’s when my algorithm would have revealed that Casey’s General Stores’ stock was about to hit Escape Velocity.

Sure enough, sales rocketed.

And investors could have collected a 363% gain.

It all came down to this one thing triggering the opportunity

Here’s yet another example…

Back in April, my algorithm determined Align Technology… a dental supplies and equipment manufacturer with a $4.5 billion market cap… was next.

Take a look at its chart…

Again, this was a stock going nowhere… grounded for five years.

Investors may have wondered if it would ever break out of its $6 to $8 trading range.

But you didn’t need to worry about any of that.


On April 5, my algorithm would’ve told me that this was the next stock that would achieve Escape Velocity.

If you had jumped in then… you’d have witnessed its sales surge as you had the chance to grab a 796% gain in just a few years.

Again, it all comes down to this one thing… this “impossible” spark that sends a stock to Escape Velocity

My algorithm identifies this spark and then helps me determine the exact day and time to get in…

Offering the opportunity to uncover extraordinary gains like those you just saw…

Like 1,036% in Alliance Fiber Optics, 363% in Casey’s General Stores Inc. and 796% in Align Technology…

Each and every month.

Hundreds of triple-digit winners… plus 32 trades with gains higher than 200%

All you had to do was buy when the stock was about to reach Escape Velocity

And ride it to the top.

I want to show you how you can do this right now.

Our next launch window is rapidly approaching… so time is of the essence.

Based on the information coming from my algorithm, we believe our next trade could turn every $1,000 into $3,250… or $10,000 into $32,500…

Now, before I share that with you…

You need to fully understand what Escape Velocity is and why it’s so powerful.


In 1687, Isaac Newton published his Principia… the single most fascinating and influential book in physics.

Today, every grade school student knows the story about an apple falling from this tree in his garden at Woolsthorpe Manor…

It set Newton’s mind thinking…

Leading him to discover the mathematics behind the force pulling the apple down to Earth… gravity.

NASA used these same equations 282 years later to help the U.S. land astronauts on the moon.

That’s because the Saturn V rocket that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins sat atop had enough fuel to reach Escape Velocity.

Escape Velocity is the minimum speed needed to break free of the gravitational field of a large object… like the Earth.

Here’s how Newton thought about it. He imagined a cannon on top of a mountain…

If it fired with too little speed… gravity would eventually pull it back… and it would fall back down to Earth…

But if it fired with just enough speed… it would hit a point when gravity could no longer stop it.

It would reach Escape Velocity and break free of the Earth…

And hurtle through space.

Now, I’m going to tell you something important.

Never forget it.

The same thing happens with stocks.

Often a stock will go up for a while only to have market gravity “pull it back down to Earth.”

This is frustrating for investors because they give away all their hard-earned gains…

And it keeps them guessing when they should buy and when they should sell.

But every once in a while… a stock reaches a moment when market gravity can no longer hold it back.

Like NeoGenomics… up 147%…

Or Nautilus Inc… up 205%…

Or Cantel Medical Corp… up 241%…

Or Santarus Inc… up 431%…

What my algorithm does is identify these stocks right before they’re set to launch.

Here’s how it works…

First, my algorithm scans 39.9 million combinations of data points on all publicly traded stocks…

And it uncovers those stocks with a very rare combination of positive factors… which I’ll share with you in detail in a moment.

Think of these stocks like rocket ships packed with fuel sitting stationary on the launch pad.

All systems are “go”…

The final thing needed is a spark to send the rocket ship soaring into the heavens.

So after my algorithm identifies that these stocks are loaded with fuel… it looks for the one critical data point… or the SPARK that ignites a stock.

And when it does… it’s even more exciting than watching a rocket launch.

The stock breaks free of its gravitational hold… soaring far above its trading zone…

Leaving behind the most wonderful chart pattern you’ve ever seen.

And it just keeps going and going.

169%… 794%… 1,374%

Like Abaxis… a medical equipment and technology company.

It invents, manufactures and sells portable blood analysis machines.

Its desktop unit can perform 31 blood tests …on-site… in 12 minutes’ time.

These machines work on the razor and razor blade model.

After Abaxis sells an $18,000 machine once, it collects ongoing revenue from the $150 refill kits needed every time a new patient is tested.

That all sounds good to most investors… but in the end… does it matter?

All you really want to know is when the stock will go up!

With Abaxis, back-testing shows my algorithm would have told me that on August 31, the stock was all fueled up… and ready to rocket to Escape Velocity.

The final spark was about to ignite it.

My system would’ve triggered an alert… the stock naturally followed on expanded sales… and investors who bought on that day a few years ago would now have scored an exceptional 1,374% gain in their retirement portfolios.

That’s $10,000 into $147,400.

This algorithm works on small caps too…

Take Clearfield Inc.

Long before Forbes named it a “Top Small Cap Firm” for two years in a row…

It was just another networking company that had laid nearly flat for seven years.

Its stock was grounded… trading between $0.75 and $1.91…

Few knew that the stock was fueled up and ready to go. All it needed was the final spark.

Investors certainly weren’t paying Clearfield much attention when my algorithm would’ve triggered an alert on June 27.

But look at what happened next…

The final spark ignited Clearfield shares and they rocketed exponentially.

Its share price doubled…

Doubled again

And then doubled a third time.

Today it trades around $14… and is up 794% in just a few years.

Here’s another example…

Dot Hill Systems is a company with nearly 100 patents for its Solid State Drive (SSD) technology…. a faster and more reliable storage device than disc drives.

But it also has many competitors, so investors wondered if Dot Hill’s stock would go anywhere.

It had traded around $4 for over a year.

However, on September 27, my algorithm would have signaled that it was about to reach Escape Velocity.

And then this happened…

An extraordinary 86% ONE-DAY STOCK GAIN.

And now, Dot Hill is up 169%.

Its competitors… SanDisk, Micron and Nimble Storage… are down 22%, 46% and 10%.

So how can you find situations like these over and over again?

It all comes down to two special strategies I’ve perfected over the past 12 years.

FIRST, identifying the rare stocks with enough “fuel” to reach Escape Velocity.

And SECOND, understanding the day and time when the spark will ignite them skyward.

I’ll show you how they both work in just a moment… but let me introduce myself.

My name is Marc Lichtenfeld…

Today you are discovering some of the secrets I perfected over the decade I spent advising prestigious firms… including the Avalon Research Group.

On Wall Street I worked behind the scenes of the hedge fund industry…

And had access to proprietary data not readily available to the public.

And as a Series 7, 63, 86 and 87 license holder, I crunched this data to identify stocks about to rocket.

Today I’m a trusted authority to financial networks like Fox Business and CNBC…

To thousands of international investors who have paid to hear me speak in Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States…

To the tens of thousands of listeners of my own weekly Oxford Club Radio show…

To the 349,000 readers of my Wealthy Retirement newsletter…

And, finally, to the subscribers of my Oxford Systems Trader service.

In this service, we use my Escape Velocity algorithm to identify stocks with enough “fuel” to reach Escape Velocity

So we get in BEFORE they spark and launch skyward.

Here’s how it works.


The first step is finding stocks “loaded with fuel.”

Now, there are over 3,700 publicly traded stocks. For each of those stocks, there are millions of data points that will help determine where a stock is likely to go.

Cash flow… sales figures… P/E ratios… asset value… debt… net profit…

As well as some unique or proprietary “advance sales indicators” few investors ever get to see.

Analyzing all 3,700 of these companies at one time is impossible for a human being.

However, my algorithm can crunch 39.9 million combinations of data points to determine the handful that offer a rare combination of positive characteristics that I call “stock fuel.”

The more fuel a stock has… the higher the stock has the potential to go.

So what exactly does my algorithm look for?

The most important “fuel” for most stocks come down to the critical mixture of these seven characteristics:

  1. Insider buying vs. insider selling: Once a stock surpasses an important ratio where far more insiders are buying than selling, it’s much more likely to take off.
  2. Severely undervalued: The algorithm is looking for companies trading at a very low price compared to the company’s assets.
  3. Bursting with cash: Stocks need five-year cash flow growth greater than what I’ve identified as a tipping point: 10%.
  4. Efficient business: Return on assets and equity must be off the charts.
  5. Market domination: Earnings growth must be in the highest 20% of their industries.
  6. Very low debt: My algorithm finds companies with an extremely low debt-to-equity ratio compared to all stocks in the market.
  7. Perfect position: We want to time our trade… so it makes sure the stock is not overbought or oversold using a unique technical indicator.

Again, stocks that have the right critical mixture of these seven characteristics are “fueled up”… and ready for liftoff.

And it’s a very limited few.

In fact, when my algorithm uncovers stocks with these characteristics, the number of potential trades we would even consider drops from over 4,000 to about 24.

To put it more bluntly, only one out of every 154 companies makes the cut. It’s exceptionally selective.

And even if we only traded the stocks in this shortlist, we’d dominate the market.

Consider this…

Since 2009, the S&P has delivered an above average return of 12.9% per year.

But by only buying stocks that meet these seven criteria and are “loaded with fuel,” we would have nearly DOUBLED that… the algorithm would have picked a stock that produced a 23.1% annualized return, according to back-tested research.

So as you can see, just investing in stocks that pass this first step alone puts us in a pretty good position.

But we do multiples better than that.

Remember, there’s still a SECOND STEP to this system.

A spark.

When the algorithm detects this spark, the list of potential stocks drops even further… And our performance rockets through the atmosphere.

Let’s take a look…


OK, now this second step is the most important part of my system.

I still remember when I first discovered the spark that creates Escape Velocity.

There was a storm outside… and I was sitting in my office before the sun came up… running some tests.

I began integrating a new data point I just paid to get access to… one that isn’t available to most investors.

And on its first run, I saw the charts come alive.

I saw month after month of triple-digit winners…

So I immediately saved this new algorithm… including this all-important data point… to a thumb drive just in case lightning hit nearby.

Now, as I mentioned, this special data point is generally not available to the public.

That may seem unfair to you, but that’s just the way it is.

As I’ll expose in a moment, there’s an entire “data economy” most investors have never heard of.

Market professionals often get information you just don’t have.

But what this particular data point tells me is crucial to knowing the day and time when a stock will ignite and achieve Escape Velocity.

Essentially, it’s an “early look” at what upcoming sales will be well before you read about it in Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal or even in your online brokerage account’s live news feed.

You can imagine what having an informational advantage like this can do for your investing.

Think of it like knowing the play call of an opposing football team before they run it.

After I programmed this data point in, my algorithm took my safe stocks that were already doubling the stock market…

And allowed us to hone in on those that outperformed the S&P AN INCREDIBLE 17 TIMES OVER.

So… over a period when the S&P returned 70%… it returned a massive 1,232%.

Understanding this one signal… which I’ll explain in depth in a moment… allowed us to go boldly into one profitable trade after another.

TURNS $5000 INTO $13,900… $23,250… AND $50,300

Skechers USA Inc. is a great example…

Not too long ago, investors saw it as just another shoe company.

But on September 25, 2010, my algorithm would have alerted me that this stock was in its “pre-ignition” phase…

The right “mixture” of these seven criteria I just mentioned occurred.

The stock was fueled up…

We waited for the moment Skechers USA would spark… launch… and hit Escape Velocity.

And here’s what happened after the algorithm would have triggered an alert…

The stock jumped 465%.

Think about that: This stock had been trading in a tight range for years.

It was going nowhere.

But the algorithm knew there was something special going on below the surface…

Something that has to do with sales that very few have the capability to detect…

The alert would’ve gone out… telling investors to buy on September 25.

And like clockwork, the stock suddenly broke out of its trading pattern and shot higher.

You could have turned every $5,000 into $28,250 here just by understanding when this single spark would ignite.

Here’s another example…

Terra Nitrogen is a quadruple-digit winner you need to see.

It has a simple business… selling nitrogen fertilizer products to help farmers increase the yield of their crops.

The stock was flat… nothing was happening for years… when my algorithm would have said that it would hit Escape Velocity.

Starting on April 30, 2005, it rocketed from $23 to $137.

A short time later, it shot even higher… rising to $292 for a total gain of 1,006% over a few years.

That would turn a $5,000 investment into $55,300.

Here’s another…

Apogee Enterprises Inc. is a company that creates the architectural glass you see on the outside of large buildings.

Technical investors were worried if it would ever break above $10… where it traded for three straight years.

But my algorithm didn’t care about any of that… and in back-testing, it crunched through my unique data set with 100% precision…

And saw the stock was fueled up.

An Escape Velocity signal would’ve been triggered…

And as designed… investors who got in on that day would have captured a 278% gain.

You’d think that making money like this

Over and over


And actually, it’s not far from the truth.


The reason this algorithm works so well is because of something I mentioned earlier.

You won’t find the spark that creates Escape Velocity listed in any of the usual sources of financial data regular investors use.

But to be clear, I’m working with information that is all publicly available.

But few know how to find or afford it…

And even fewer know how to connect the dots to fully understand what’s happening.

When you look at an annual report or a stock’s “financial metrics” on Google Finance, MSN Money or Yahoo Finance, it’s like reading a grade school encyclopedia.

Sure, you’ll learn something… but it’s not trusted by professional investors.

In fact, some argue the data on those sites can even be wildly inaccurate…

However, if you pay for first-look information, you can get a major advantage by accessing accurate critical data that tells you EARLY what’s going on in a stock.

Some financial firms pay a fortune for the technology to analyze this stuff.

For example, Citigroup reports that the average small hedge fund… with only $250 million in assets under management… spends $340,000 per year on technology.

Larger funds can spend $2 million or more.

In total, as of 2012, the hedge fund industry spends $2.3 billion in this new “data economy”…

Hedge funds pay to get access to data that some might even think is “inside information”…

But these unique alternative data sets are perfectly legal to use.

For example, 1010data buys data from publicly traded companies… compiles it… and sells sales by store, item and date data…

A company called Discern sells supply, demand and inventory metrics…

7Park Data sells information on software installation, active users, engagement trends and retention rates…

It’s data like this that gives those of us who work with algorithms insight well ahead of the market.

Taken all together, what I’ve built here takes serious capital to keep running too…


Hedge funds budget a lot of their profits to ensure they keep their edge.

Meanwhile regular investors get locked out behind an expensive “pay wall” for this truly game-changing information.

For example, my Escape Velocity algorithm…

  • Costs me $26,400 a year just for the data… including data feeds from firms like Thomson Reuters, Standard & Poors, Capital IQ, Interactive Data, Compustat and Value Line
  • Runs on a million-dollar supercomputing platform that crunches through 39.9 million combinations of data points… working through 200 terabytes of data for every publicly traded company after the market closes each day
  • Requires a full-time research team
  • And requires help of consultants and programmers from Citadel Capital Management and Driehaus Capital Management to set up.

In total… this system costs us just over $250,000 a year to keep our edge on the markets.

But it allows subscribers of my Oxford Systems Trader service to get in on stocks just before Escape Velocity hits.

Here’s what that translates to for my readers…

Andrew S. from Rochelle Park, New Jersey, just wrote in to say he made “a total of $5,005 profit on a $1,630 investment.” He also said of this 207% gain, “I will reinvest the proceeds and keep the ball rolling!”

Robert A. from Salt Lake City, Utah, made 214% on his recent trade.

Wei S. from New York, New York, doubled his money.

Their next triple-digit winner could be right around the corner…

I want it to be yours too.

GAINS OF 274%… 296%… 421%… 365%… 732%… 492%… AND MORE

It could be a gain like Peerless Systems, a factory-built home manufacturer…

On August 8, it was all fueled up.

  • The right ratio of insider purchases to insider sales hit.
  • The book value hit an important milestone by increasing 67%.
  • Cash flow growth rose 112%… well past its tipping point.
  • Return on assets rose 138% and return on equity increased 97%… both hitting their turning points.
  • The company emerged at the top of its industry in earnings growth.
  • It hit a crucial debt-to-equity ratio.
  • It was in a trading sweet spot.

And then my algorithm would have detected the critical data point… the final spark that tells me a surprise sales announcement was right around the corner.

That data point doubled in value…

And the stock suddenly shot past Escape Velocity.

Sure enough, the stock price surged… doubling from $1.88 to $4.

And it kept going… blasting through a second stage to $7 on an acquisition.

The total: a 274% gain… $1,000 into $3,740… $10,000 into $37,400.

This is what happens when a stock achieves Escape Velocity.

Once a stock goes in motion and escapes the hold of its charts “gravity”

It stays in motion… especially when it’s loaded with combustible fuel powering it to new heights.

Like with Akorn Inc., a generic, branded over-the-counter pharmaceutical company that experienced the spark that causes Escape Velocity.

Again, all of the data lined up, and when the critical data point nearly doubled…

It was time to get in.

We knew that behind the scenes, sales were piling up.

And starting on April 28, Akorn Inc. launched 296%

You could have turned every $2,500 into $9,900.

Or maybe our next trade could rise like Repligen Corporation, a biotech company that provides products used to manufacture biologic drugs. It launched 421%

Again, the critical data point that sparks Escape Velocity surged after all of our other data points lined up with our fundamental criteria.

And investors who bought on March 29 could have turned $5,000 into $26,500.

Or our next trade could be like Matrix Service Company…

Up 365%… as my critical data point almost tripled.

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $46,500.

Or like Buffalo Wild Wings… now a well-known restaurant…

My algorithm would have found this trade too… and it would’ve handed investors a 732% gain.

Turning a $10,000 investment into $83,200.

So as you are seeing…

Those following along in my Oxford Systems Trader service are given the chance to collect winner after winner like this…

Just by identifying these moments right before stocks hit Escape Velocity.

And now you understand how powerful this final sales spark is…

This one critical data point takes stocks that would double the S&P’s annualized return and enables them to outperform it 17 TIMES OVER.

My system has already pinpointed 163 stock trades with gains over 100%… PLUS, 32 trades with gains higher than 200% – including 363%… 1,036%… even 1,502%.

And just imagine rolling one of these winners… into another… and another.

It might be the most powerful way to invest in the market’s biggest movers.

To wrap up, I want you to see that it doesn’t even matter if we’re in a bull… sideways… or bear market.

In addition to all of our recent gains…

I’ve stress- and battle-tested this system across every possible market over the past 16 years… and it consistently uncovered winner after winner.

GAINS OF 349%… 266%… 378%… 526%… 303%… 762%… 640%… 634%… 301%… 662%… 475%… 349%… 765%… IN ANY MARKET

Let’s go back to one of the trades I showed you earlier…

Align Technology.

On March 6, 2009, the market had lost 54% of its value over the previous 17 months.

But just six days before this market bottom… on February 28…

My algorithm knew Align Technology was fueled up… and the spark was about to ignite it.

And… as you saw… the stock rocketed 796%.

But that’s not all.

My algorithm also would have identified Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.

It would have triggered an alert as the market began its free fall…

But soon it was up 266%.

In the same month, Holly Frontier Corp. would have been a trigger…

It rose 188%.

In short: The algorithm finds winning stocks in a bear market…

And it works just as well when the bull markets begin.

For example, UFP Technologies would have triggered an alert at the very beginning of the market’s current six-year bull run, back on April 25, 2009.

Up 378%.

G-III Apparel Group Ltd. too…

Its rise would have triggered an alert soon after the market began its bull run on May 29, 2010

Up 349%.


So as you can see…

Anytime you target stocks loaded with fuel…

And buy before the spark ignites them…

You have the chance to make a whole lot of money in any market.

Just recently my subscribers had the opportunity to grab 636% on Skechers… 212% on Enterprise Products Partners… and 389% on Huntington Ingalls Industries…

And a new stock I’m looking at right now is set to launch soon too.

You’ll learn more in a moment, but it matches all the criteria we look for…

It’s fueled up.

And now, we’re just waiting for this final spark to ignite it to Escape Velocity.

When it does, it could rise 225%… surprising the market with its updated sales numbers.

Or it could possibly even go higher… as high as 434%, based on what the system is telling me.

I’m just waiting for it to trigger.

And the moment it does, I’m sending out the alert to my Oxford Systems Trader subscribers.

Why am I so confident this new stock is about to become a huge moneymaker?

It all comes down to one key spark that’s critical to my algorithm.


Let me show you how this generated a triple-digit gain on a company called Sturm, Ruger & Company…

Here’s the chart leading up to the moment it hit Escape Velocity.

It’s going nowhere… stuck around $12. Investors weren’t making any money.

In fact, if you expanded this chart, you’d see that it traded around this $12 mark for 11 years.

Now, here’s the chart both leading up to and after the trigger, when my algorithm crunched through all of this data and identified this stock was about to reach its Escape Velocity.

Like we’ve seen in every trade today…

Insider purchases, book value, cash flow growth, earnings growth, debt to equity, stock price…

ALL were within the right range… or had just hit their tipping points.

This rocket ship was loaded with fuel but still sitting on the ground.

It just needed the FINAL spark… the spark we’ve been talking about today.

An indication of future sales…

In this next case, it ignited Sturm, Ruger and Company’s stock.

On February 27, it hit.

My critical data point surged 169%, igniting the fuel.

And just as my algorithm would have predicted, the stock launched.

Shortly after the trade would have triggered an alert, Sturm, Ruger and Company publicly announced it received a 1 million-unit order…

But we weren’t surprised, because my critical data point already told me this sort of big sales booster was coming.

After this alert was triggered, the stock price rocketed five times higher for a 526% gain.

I’ve seen this final piece of the puzzle fall into place over and over again.

Our next trade could be like Boston Beer…

Not long ago, my critical data point jumped… and signaled that the stock would hit Escape Velocity on March 27.

My algorithm would have alerted me…

Long before 99% of the market knew anything about it.

And here’s what happened next…

It soon made a public announcement that it increased sales by over 40% during a four-week period…

And after that, it reported its fourth quarter holiday season sales growth more than doubled from the previous year.

The result: Boston Beer rose 306%.

Again and again… this system has identified the market’s biggest winners…


All of these stocks have the same story.

Western Digital rocketed on increased sales of solid state storage drives…

Up 640% as sales took off.

Deckers Outdoor Corp went up 662%

As it surpassed the $1 billion sales mark for the first time on shipments of Teva brand shoes

Every trade you saw today relied on this final critical data point… this final “magic” spark… to rocket.

And the best part is how easy it all is.

You simply target great stocks that are loaded up with fuel…

And then pinpoint the day and time when this final spark will ignite the stock to Escape Velocity, when the market catches up with the latest sales numbers.


So the trade I’m looking at that could trigger an alert any day is a little-known healthcare stock that’s traded flat for over two years…

But now things are lining up…

This small company has had over $10,300,000 of insider buying this month.

Think about that: Company executives and insiders… are doubling down in their personal portfolios.

Guess what these insiders have access to?

The same critical sales data I do that the general public only ever hears about once it’s too late.

On top of that, some of the hedge funds that use data-driven algorithms are now loading up on this stock…

Deerfield, a powerful hedge fund, just purchased 650,000 shares.

A healthcare investment firm, venBio, just purchased 1,400,000 shares.

Another healthcare investment firm, Consonance Capital Management, just took a million-dollar-plus stake.

Not only are insiders taking positions, but all of my data points are lining up…

Book value per share has increased 193%… return on assets is now in the black at 29.8%… return on equity is also finally positive at 60.8%…

It’s all fueled up.

I just checked my “critical” data point… it’s surging.

It could rocket any moment.

Based on what I’m looking at now, this one could rise 225%.

Turning every $1,000 invested into a minimum of $3,250… or $10,000 into $32,500…

(And it even has the potential to rise as much as 434%.)

The countdown is on. Today I’d like you to get in on this opportunity… and many more over the next year… as a new subscriber of my Oxford Systems Trader service.

In the service, we’ll do exactly what you’ve seen today…

We’ll recommend stocks that are on the verge of rocketing to Escape Velocity

Ready to break free of their charts…

And bring in double-, triple- and even quadruple-digit gains.

Now, while you could make a lot of money here, I do need to issue an important warning before we continue…


My Oxford Systems Trader service is NOT for everyone.

For one thing, if you’re trying to collect 1,000% gains in a single day or week… this simply isn’t for you.

As is the case with all investing, nothing is guaranteed. And past performance isn’t indicative of future results.

But what you’ve seen over and over is how we identify stocks with great fundamentals as they achieve Escape Velocity.

In other words, I try to help my subscribers get in on stocks headed to the moon, but just as they leave Earth’s gravitational force.

That means it will take some time for the rocket to get there.

In other words, you need to be the type of person who likes watching good stocks rise consistently over time to untold heights. Not someone who wants overnight results.

Beyond that, before I take you on as a member of our group, I need you to ask yourself these three questions to decide if it’s for you…

First, do you understand why a computer algorithm can do what no human could accomplish?

Some people don’t. They worry that computers can make mistakes.

I’ve learned it’s the market’s emotional participants… humans… that are the fallible ones…

Still, some aren’t ready to take this next step forward and use a supercomputer-based analysis.

Even though this system has allowed us to hone in on stocks that outperform the S&P 17 TIMES OVER.

So, are you willing to seriously consider accepting a supercomputing technology-backed service?

If your answer is “yes,” then here’s your second question…

Do you have time to check your email each week for these recommendations?

If you aren’t going to be engaged in the Oxford Systems Trader service, you aren’t going to get the most out of it.

Worse, you are filling a capped membership slot that would be better filled by someone else who wants to grow their portfolio.

But if you have the time to check your email each week for my Escape Velocity recommendations, then I have one final question…

Are you SERIOUS about making money?

It may seem like a nonsensical question…

But when you think about it, some people truly aren’t made of the right stuff.

What I mean is that the moment they are on the verge of making even a small change…

They find a reason to undermine themselves.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

So if you are truly serious about investing like this, here’s what will happen after you order…


First, you’ll receive a welcome email from me.

In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with my Oxford Systems Trader service…

You’ll also get a link to a special report I’ve authored that explains my Escape Velocity algorithm.

(Understandably, I don’t give away all of my secrets in it… but it’s a valuable resource to help you get comfortable with a supercomputer-based research system.)

It’s titled “Escape Velocity Investing: How to Trade Your Way to a 1,232% Return.”

In this report, you’ll discover some of the fundamental and technical factors you learned about today as well as a general discussion of that one thing… the final sales spark that ignites these stocks.

It’s the closest I’ve ever come to revealing my secrets…

And it’s my gift to you.

After that, it’s even simpler…

You only need to check your inbox for a recommendation that looks like this…

On average, the algorithm identifies one stock every nine trading days, or about three a month.

And when we close a position to take our profits, you’ll receive a recommendation that looks like this…

That’s all you have to do.

Read my welcome letter.

Check your inbox once a day for a recommendation on trades we’re opening or closing.

Read my complete analysis, buy price, sell price and profit potential.

Decide if you want to take a position.

That’s it. Buy. Sell. And watch your profits pile up.

As you’ve seen, my Oxford Systems Trader subscribers love it.

A new subscriber, Daniel B. from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, just wrote in, “I have subscribed to several ‘stock gurus’ and have been disappointed, picking my own ‘guesses’ and outdoing them all. After following it, I find that you have the best system of any and all.”

Just a few trades from now, you could be making a lot of money from these Oxford Systems Trader recommendations.

Imagine rolling just three trades I showed you today into each other…

For example, if you rolled our recent Clearfield Inc. pick… 794%… into Apogee Enterprises… 278%… and into Akorn… 296%…

That’s $1,000 into $65,336.

Or consider rolling our Alliance Fiber Optic Products 1,036% gain… into our Casey’s General Stores 336% gain… into our Align Technology 363% gain.

After starting with just $1,000, you’d now have $126,359.

Or Boston Beer… 306%… into Terra Nitrogen Corp… 1,006%… into F5 Networks… 475%…

That’s $1000 into $146,222.

And if you had invested $10,000

You’d be sitting on $1.46 million right now!

These are extraordinary situations to find yourself in…

Exceptional too…

As a professional, I can’t promise this is exactly what will happen.

But the point here is that I believe you could make a lot of money over the next year

Even if you start out today with just $1,000.

If you are willing to take the small step to become a subscriber now…

It could lead to a giant leap in your family’s wealth.

I’m so confident it will that I’m making the following three-point promise to you.


I’d like to start with my first promise…

I want you to have the opportunity to make back your entire membership fee as soon as you get in your first trade.

If you’ve subscribed to advisory services before, you probably realize you could wait months… if ever… to earn your fee back.

That’s not going to happen during your guarantee period in Oxford Systems Trader.

If you invest $1,000 in your first trade… and it works out like I expect… you’ll make back your entire membership fee or more.

That way, everything after is pure profit.

To be clear: If by following my exact open and closing alert you don’t make your membership fee back…

Call in and cancel your membership for a complete refund (minus a 10% processing fee).


Second, I want you to see how you will continue making money right out of the gate…

So you MUST have the opportunity to grab a triple-digit gain, as determined by our track record of open and close trade prices, within your first 90 days as a subscriber of Oxford Systems Trader.

If not, call in to cancel your membership and get a refund of your money.

So whether you decide to get in on the next trade or paper trade, you’ll have the opportunity to see it firsthand.

Again, you’ll have at least one opportunity to make 100% or more over the next 90 days, or you can cancel your membership.


Third, I want you to continue making money over the next six months.

Remember, we’re getting ahead of the market here.

Sometimes we’re weeks ahead of it… sometimes months…

Some of our trades might take a few quarterly reports to catch up with the data advantage we have.

So if you don’t see two more additional triple-digit gains [as determined by our track record]…

Then call in and cancel your membership for a complete and a refund of your membership (minus a 10% processing fee).

To sum it up: Oxford Systems Trader comes with A FULL SIX- MONTH, performance-backed guarantee.

If for any reason during the first six months you aren’t delighted with the service… OR if you don’t see the opportunity to capture three triple-digit gains… you can cancel for a refund.

So take your most pressing financial problem right now…

Extra income… early retirement… extra cash…

And consider if this could help.

If you think so, then you need to act, because you have an opportunity right now to do something about it… essentially for free.

And if you consider our next trade could be like the Rentrak Corporation trade my supercomputer-based system identified that then rose 1,502%

I think you’ll agree this is an opportunity… backed by my four promises… you should not let pass you by…

So don’t leave your dreams behind and wonder what could have been.

Let’s get started…


So how much is my Oxford Systems Trader service?

With a track record like this, I’m sure you’d agree that $10,000 is a more than fair price to pay to get access to hedge fund technology.

Especially when you consider that to join a hedge fund, you need a minimum investment of $500,000…

You won’t have to give away a 2% management fee… and hand over 20% of your profits.

And you won’t have to pay $10,000 for Oxford Systems Trader

I’d like to get you in as a subscriber… and have you stay for a long time…

Based on historically successful services like this, the team here recommends that I sell my service for about half that… or $5,500.

That may seem like a lot of money…

But based on what you’ve seen today, investors who can afford it would scoop up membership slots quickly.

Still, I know that’s out of reach for many of our subscribers…

So when I launched the service to my first small group, they got in for $1,595…

Since then, I’ve received over 109 messages from them… investors ecstatic to have access to something typically reserved for millionaires.

These are regular people writing in about pocketing $40,600…

Or grabbing a quick $5,005 profit on a $1,630 investment…

Or taking home combined gains of 906%… including 212%… 192%… 250%… and 307%…

Bragging about a winner of 466%…

And just recently they had the opportunity to grab 636% on Skechers… 212% on Enterprise Products Partners… and 389% on Huntington Ingalls Industries

So now that the service is wildly successful, we have had meetings about raising the price to $2,495.

But I objected… reminding the team that our Oxford Systems Trader subscribers will stay with us for a long time.

It took some debate, but we agreed we’d sell it for $1,595 one final time… but only to the first 1,000 people who order today.

That’s a drop in the bucket for access to something this powerful.

Especially if you look back at the three trades I just showed you.

You would have made your entire membership back just investing $99 in Rentrack Corporation…

Or only $187 in Xstelos Holdings Inc…

Or $130 in Entrprize Corp.

All less than a dinner at a nice restaurant.

So why did we decide to give away this final set of memberships for $1,595?

Simple… we care about our relationship with you.

The Oxford Club has been in business for 30 years…

Once we welcome new subscribers… many stay with us for decades.

We care about our lifetime value to you.

And it’s easy to see why you might soon become onef of these lifelong subscribers too.

For example, just recently we heard from Peter Mangini from Hartford, Connecticut, who told us, “Your research secured my retirement before I turn 60.”

Greg Hughes from Wellington, New Zealand, wrote in to tell us, “I am a small investor and I just invest $2,500 into each recommendation. With even this small amount, I am ahead over $90,000. And I really enjoy doing it.”

Then there’s Rob Carlton from Galena, Illinois, who gushed, “Kept my 11 grandchildren in activities, summer camps, travel and someday college.”

As well as Greg Middleton from Boulder, Colorado, who told us, “I just want you to know that I have more than tripled my account during the last five years. When I started, I only had 250K that I rolled over from my company’s 401(k) plan. Now I have over a million and still growing.”

Farmers, schoolteachers, small town doctors, crane operators, ministers, administrative assistants, retired Air Force pilots…

Are now retiring before their 60th birthdays… traveling the world… paying for kids’ and grandkids’ college…

Remodeling homes… expanding real estate holdings… paying uncovered medical costs…

And more.

This presentation will be seen by my 349,000 readers as I roll the service out…

But I’m only making 1,000 memberships available right now (on a first-come, first-served basis).

That means less than 1% of those who are watching this presentation right now will get in.

In fact, when you click the button to review what you’ll get as a new subscriber, you may unfortunately discover that all of the seats have been taken.

If so, you’ll have the opportunity to call in to have your name put on a waiting list.

Don’t let that happen to you.

You have my four performance-based promises…

You’ve stayed with me this far…

So act decisively and click below to make your decision.

This next stock could launch tomorrow.

And, as I’ve shown you, we’re looking at a potential 225% to 434% gain on it.

It’s all fueled up… And the countdown to ignition has already begun.

The spark should ignite the stock soon.

I urge you to click the button below before it rockets to Escape Velocity.

Clicking doesn’t obligate you to order…

But as soon as you click it, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to review everything you get as a new Oxford Systems Trader subscriber.

Welcome aboard,

Marc Lichtenfeld
Editor, Oxford Systems Trader
Chief Income Strategist, The Oxford Club
January 2016

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